About Me

My personal musical journey began fairly early with piano lessons. We had a wonderful, loving piano teacher who lived across the street and gave us a handful of M&Ms after each lesson.

When I was 9 years old, I came home from school one day, declaring I was going to play the violin. Thus my violin lessons began with my school music teacher who happened to be a cellist. I eventually began taking private lessons from someone who actually played the violin and have fond memories of Mrs. Nofsinger, my teacher. She was such a nurturing, encouraging teacher and endured week after week of my screeching and questionable intonation.

some early pictures of me - Mrs. Nofsinger is on piano

In high school I was getting a little more serious about my musical endeavors and decided it was time for some honest feedback. This decision led me to a new teacher, Mr. Szepessy. He wasn't one to sugar coat his criticisms, but behind his sometimes harsh words he was a softie.

me and Mr. Szepessy

I decided to pursue music as my major in college and headed off to Eastern Mennonite University, While it's not really known for it's music department, it was a wonderful place to continue my studies in a fairly non-competitive environment and offered me the opportunity to teach Suzuki lessons through their preparatory music program. Not having been a Suzuki student myself, I began my official training by going to summer institutes.

After several years exposure to the Suzuki method, I was hooked and decided to pursue a graduate degree in Suzuki pedagogy. For this my husband and I moved to Greenville, NC where I studied Suzuki under Joanne Bath at East Carolina University.

Joanne Bath, Ara Gregorian (both at ECU), myself and Sharon Miller (EMU)

I've learned much from my musical journey - the discipline of practice, the challenge of teaching and the joy of sharing music with others. I'm still on that journey, and I'm still learning new things every day. I've recently added Suzuki parent to my list of titles, as my two daughters are learning to play. They continue to challenge me as a player, teacher and parent each day.

I love music and I love sharing it with others. Over the years I have studied, worked and played with many inspiring individuals. What a blessing it has been to have had these people in my life. I hope some of our experiences will inspire you and your journey as well.