Thursday, August 22, 2013

Practice Makes Easy

We've often heard the phrase "practice makes perfect", but the truth is it's hard to do anything perfectly - hard if not impossible!

What is the goal of practicing a musical instrument (or anything for that matter) on a regular basis? We practice to make what is hard easier. Once it's easy, we can add something new that is hard and practice that until it's easy.

"Practice makes easy."

I heard this from several different teachers during our week at Suzuki Institute and it's so true. If the aim of my practice is to make something perfect....then I'm going to be discouraged and never see the progress. However, if my aim is to make something easier, I'm going to notice improvement and change very quickly. 

Now when my kids or students say, "This is hard!", I can respond by saying, "That's exactly why you are going to practice it this week!"

Another thing that might be fun for your kids / students. Get yourself and easy button from Staples. For some reason, pushing it and hearing "That was easy" is a delight and a good reward for hard practice.

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  1. The line we like to say is "PERFECT practice makes perfect." Not that we ever reach perfection, but we (all of us) tend to practice our tough spots incorrectly which means we end up playing them incorrectly... who knew...