Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lessons From Suzuki Institute - part 1

For the first time ever, I attended Suzuki Institute as a parent. This wasn't my first time attending an institute...I've been to several and have gone for different reasons. I've been a teacher trainee, a teacher, an administrative assistant....but this was my first institute as a parent.

To be honest with you, I was a little scared to be in this new role. However, I very quickly settled into the week as a Suzuki parent and it was wonderful.

I learned so many things, and I'd like to share a few with you here.

My girls had the opportunity to learn from Clarisse Atcherson during their masterclass. She is a phenomenal teacher and she shared so many nuggets of wisdom that I find myself repeating each day during our practices and each week to my students.

I'll start by sharing the four that complement each other.

"You are only as good as your basics."
If you never learn good, basic posture, you will never really progress to a higher, more advanced level. 
Don't get lazy about the basics.

"Start with quality."
Always start with a good bow hold and good posture.
Take the time to set yourself up carefully.

"Begin well and end well."
After you have set yourself up well, focus and breathe. Then you are ready to begin playing.
Remember to end well.

"End like a soloist."
Most people watching a performance will remember the beginning and the end. If you begin well and end well, it doesn't really matter what you do in between (but chances are your middle will be good also!)

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