Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Practice Program

Our local library system (like many across the country) has a summer reading program each year. The general idea is that if you read for a certain amount of time or if you read a certain number of books, you can mark your game board. As you work your way across the game board, you qualify for prizes.

It's simple.

It's motivational.

It's fun.

So I decided to create something similar for my students and daughters to use for summer practice.

It can be tailored in any way for any child.

For my own girls, these are the rules:

  • play 5 review songs in a single session
  • complete 2 pages of notereading
  • complete 2 pages of theory workbook
  • do listening assignment
  • play current piece 3-5 times in a single session, depending on need
  • extra bonus for playing ALL review songs in one week
For item above that is completed, they can either draw a note or treble clef on the staff above. When they read the end, they trade it in for a prize. 

My prize box is full of craft projects that I picked up at Dollar Tree. 

Since using this game or program, my girls have practiced MUCH more than they normally would. And they are making GREAT progress in their theory workbooks too!


  1. Hi Jill, I just got your comment on my blog! Thanks! I love this idea! I'm totally doing this this summer!

  2. Hi Jill, I just got your comment on my blog. I absolutely love this idea! I'm totally doing this this summer. Could I get a pdf of this for my website? I'll link directly to this post.