Friday, April 20, 2012

Sharing Your Music

I believe very strongly that sharing your music with others is such a wonderful gift. It's a beautiful gift to give and a beautiful gift to receive.

My brother is an artist and I used to envy the fact that he could give his art as gifts to others - to physically hand them a drawing or painting he had created. I, on the other hand, felt like I had nothing tangible to give when it came to my creative pursuits, namely music.

But now I see things differently and take every opportunity I can to share my music with others as a gift to them.

Here are some ways my daughters and I actively share the gift of music:

  • Play regularly at a nursing home or senior center
  • Christmas carol your friends and neighbors ~ this is easier to do if you have a transportable instrument, but if you play the piano, think of people you know who have a piano and go to their house to play some carols for them!
  • video yourself playing and share it with others through YouTube
  • learn how to play "Happy Birthday" and then call your family and friends on their birthday
  • play for family and friends over Skype (or some other video calling service)
  • play at church
  • Find unique places to hold local concerts for family and friends ~ we play every other month at a local coffee shop and this summer hope to hold a neighbor hood concert at a nearby park
  • Play for your neighbors during a garage sale ~ you'll likely make some money if you put your case out!

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