Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Musical New Year's Resolutions

In the spirit of New Year's and resolutions that some of us like to set, I would like to encourage you to set some goals for yourself musically for this next year.

In the busyness of mothering and homeschooling my daughters, I have gotten extremely lazy when it comes to playing my violin regularly. I've been pretty good about practicing with them, but not practicing myself. And so, my resolution for 2012 is to have a minimum of two personal practice sessions each week. It may not sound like much, but it's more than double what I've been doing!

Another goal is to play publicly at least 3 times this year. I'm not performing with a group, so this will likely mean playing special music at my church.

Music is an important part of who I am. Being a violinist is part of my identity. Yet my actions don't demonstrate that. I'm hoping to change this in 2012 and bring back the violinist in me.

What are your musical goals for 2012? Please take a moment to share with me.

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