Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Learning About Strings

Because I play the violin, learning about string instruments comes very naturally to my daughters. In fact, they both play the violin, too. 

We live in an area where we have access to great concerts and this school year we are attending an educational series that introduces kids to the four instrument families of the orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Each concert features a new family of instruments.

I wanted to go beyond instrument recognition with my girls and found some of these papers in my files. I've looked for similar printouts on line to link to, but couldn't find any. 

Since our concert featured a string quartet, we talked about what instruments make up a string quartet and listened to quite a few quartet pieces.

This one gave me the idea to show the girls where the particular instruments sit in an orchestra. 

Then we created our own orchestra on the wall.

I particularly like the conductor my oldest drew.

We also read a fantastic book called Music in the Wood by Cornelia Cornelissen. This book goes through the process of making a string instrument ~ from choosing the wood to varnishing it to playing it. There is also a cd that features music being played on the cello made in the book. I love all the technical details that go beyond the basic parts of the violin (like the purfling, soundpost, etc.)

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