Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review Cards

A very big part of our daily violin practice is REVIEW. Not being a Suzuki student myself, I never realized the importance (or genius) of reviewing and raising my playing ability with pieces I had already learned.

After many years of teaching, I could easily tell which students took review seriously. They played at a higher level and ultimately progressed much more quickly.

Now that I'm sitting in the parent's seat, I have vowed to take review seriously and we go to great lengths to keep this process fun and exciting.

A couple months ago I found and purchased these review cards from Meredith Strings. They have been useful both in our daily practice as well as in the lessons I teach. They are great quality and I love that it covers books 1-4 of the Suzuki repertoire.

I choose which songs I want covered and lay them out. Each of my daughter's takes turns choosing a card and we take turns playing that piece.

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